Who are we?

Med Explorer is a project powered by Paloma Tours MICE. We are a group of world-leading experts who believe that professionals can become global ambassadors and expend their knowledge through personal experience. We collaborate with local guides who want to share unique local experiences, both professional and personal, with their colleagues from around the world.


Traveling with the purpose of medical exploration, volunteering, and sharing knowledge can be a fulfilling and impactful endeavor. As a Med Explorer, we ask you to approach your journey with humility, respect, and a willingness to learn from the communities you serve. By combining medical expertise with cultural sensitivity and a spirit of collaboration, you can make a meaningful difference in the lives of others while enriching your understanding of the importance of health, wellness, and humanity.

The unique format of an itinerant medical event allows for exceptional networking opportunities for participants, with a component of physician well-being incorporated into the detailed organization of this event. Intellectually, culturally, and spiritually rich, our program brings participants in direct contact with medical practices in the country and cities where we travel, from internationally renowned academic institutions to small towns’ health care centers. We are collaborating with local physicians and medical organizations to offer experiences that will build lasting memories of human solidarity in improving medical care and a feeling of belonging to global medicine.

Learn about the work behind each of our experiences before launching them:

Research and Preparation

• We begin by researching regions or countries where medical assistance is needed, where classical or traditional medicine has a rich heritage, or where health and wellness are approached uniquely.

• By site inspections and personal experiences, we familiarize ourselves with the local customs, traditions, and medical practices of the destination(s) we are considering.

• We carefully choose our partners by contacting organizations facilitating medical volunteering and cultural exchange programs.


Program Design Meeting Local Needs and Cultural Immersion, to include Volunteering Opportunities, and Sharing Knowledge:

• We seek unique experiences and cultural exchange activities to foster mutual understanding and respect and to build long-lasting memories.

• We assure direct immersion of our travelers in the local culture to better understand the beliefs, values, and practices surrounding healthcare in each community we visit.

• With the local organizations, hospitals, and education facilities, we design workshops, seminars, or training sessions for local healthcare providers and community members.

• We facilitate discussions and engage with local healers and practitioners to learn from their wisdom and experiences.

Learn how you can continue each journey after your return home:

Documentation, Reflection, and Continued Engagement:

Stay connected with your fellow travelers and with the communities you visited.

• Throughout your journey, you are offered the option to document your experiences through journaling, photography, or video. With our partners, we create opportunities to share your journey and insights with others.

• Upon your return, you could join our network of past travelers and give presentations or organize events to raise awareness about global health issues and the importance of cross-cultural exchange in medicine.

• Stay connected with the communities you’ve worked with and continue supporting them remotely, if possible.

• Explore opportunities for ongoing collaboration and partnerships with local organizations and healthcare providers.

• Stay informed about developments in global health and continue advocating for equitable access to healthcare for all.



Diana Ionescu

Consultant Pathologist BC Cancer Agency
Medical Lead Anatomical Pathology
Medical Director Cervical Cancer Screening Laboratory
Medical Director Clinical Trials, BCCA Laboratories
Clinical Professor of Pathology, University of British Columbia

Claudia Badiu

The General Manager and the owner of Proevents and Conference (which is the main PCO in Romania organizing more than 250 medical and conference events each year)

The Most Influential People of New Europe’s Meetings Industry 2020/2021/2022 

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