Who are we?

Med Explorer is a project powerd by Paloma Tours MICE. We are a group of world-leading experts who believe that professionals can become global ambassadors and expend their knowledge through personal experience. We collaborate with local guides who want to share unique local experiences, both professional and personal, with their colleagues from around the world.

Social Responsability

With Med Explorer, doctors who become ambassadors can bring their invaluable expertise and knowledge to communities that may not have access to a quality healthcare. Additionally, by immersing themselves in diverse cultural practices, they can gain a deeper understanding of the unique healthcare challenges that different populations face. This allows them to approach healthcare with a more holistic and culturally sensitive lens, providing better care and building stronger relationships with the communities they serve.


Our large team allows us to have in-house expertise in travel and medicine, to engage in the design of our programs. We believe in teamwork, and in each individual bringing to the table their unique lived experiences and ideas that, provided with a fertile environment, could bloom into a fantastic experience for organizers and participants alike. We work closely with medical professionals, cultural experts, and researchers to capture the essence of these diverse approaches.


Our strengths lie in the following areas:

Cultural Diversity: We embrace the wealth of knowledge that comes from exploring different cultural practices in medicine, providing our users with a well-rounded understanding of global healthcare.

Learning Experiences: We offer immersive learning experiences that enable users to dive deep into various specialties and environments, allowing them to gain a broader perspective of global medicine.

Empowerment: We empower individuals to apply their newfound knowledge and insights in their activity.


1. Explore: We aim to expose participants to the forefront of modern medicine by offering immersive experiences in high-tech destinations, enabling them to witness cutting-edge advancements and innovative healthcare practices.

2. Learn: Our program is designed to foster continuous learning and professional development. Through engaging conferences, lectures, and workshops, participants will gain new insights, exchange ideas, and expand their knowledge base.

3. Serve: We believe in the power of giving back. By providing opportunities for participants to volunteer their medical expertise, we aim to make a positive impact on underserved communities, addressing healthcare challenges and improving access to quality care.

4. Cultural Exchange: Our program encourages participants to embrace cultural diversity, fostering cross-cultural understanding and promoting collaboration among healthcare professionals from different backgrounds.

5. Networking and Collaboration: We facilitate networking opportunities, enabling participants to connect with like-minded individuals, establish valuable professional relationships, and promote collaboration on future medical projects.

6. Sustainable Impact: We strive to create sustainable impact beyond the program itself. Through partnerships with local healthcare organizations, we aim to leave a lasting legacy, by supporting ongoing initiatives and promoting long-term solutions to healthcare challenges.

Together, our mission, vision, and objectives guide us in creating a program that not only enhances medical knowledge and skills, but also instils a sense of social responsibility and drives positive change in the communities we serve.


Diana Ionescu

Consultant Pathologist BC Cancer Agency
Medical Lead Anatomical Pathology
Medical Director Cervical Cancer Screening Laboratory
Medical Director Clinical Trials, BCCA Laboratories
Clinical Professor of Pathology, University of British Columbia

Claudia Badiu

The General Manager and the owner of Proevents and Conference (which is the main PCO in Romania organizing more than 250 medical and conference events each year)

The Most Influential People of New Europe’s Meetings Industry 2020/2021/2022 

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